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Getting stuck up on your laptop , PDA or any other device for lack of  its latest driver can be a very frustrating experience. Driver download websites can be a good resource at these times to find the appropriate drivers and get out of the situation. There are an umpteen sites out there which claim to provide drivers free but you tend to get lost in the maze of their webpages or non-working links. Here is a list of top locations from where drivers can be downloaded free – without registration -for various devices. This list also includes blogs and  forums which provide drivers or and some of them are the download pages of reputed device manufacturers. However, I have not included the well known sites – Drivers or Brothersoft  in this list as they are too well known to be described here.Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list and find it useful .

  1. Download Free Stuff : This is a search engine which provides downloads for various free stuff on the net and it includes drivers also. All you need to do is type a driver name eg “HP NX6110 Modem Driver” and it will provide you the download links to the driver without having you to move through a maze of web pages.
  2. NoDevice : Our favourite ,with over 100,000 drivers, this site is has some of the most updated drivers neatly organised in over 39 product categories and 100+  Manufacturer categories . Searching a large database becomes easy by just making a quick search and getting the requisite driver links. Besides drivers you can also find free User Manuals to download .For Service manuals download, you need to register free .
  3. Open Drivers : My favourite site for downloading drivers. They cover a large number of categories for drivers and their provide download links from the manufacturers site. The site is easy to browse and drivers can be found in a jiffy. You can also request drivers in their forums.Devicemanuals – their partner site provides downloads for manuals for various devices.
  4. Softpedia Drivers : With over 80,000 drivers, Softpedia is a great source of driver downloads. Though providing  software downloads is the main activity for the site, its driver download section is quite huge and the best part is that the download links work ! .
  5. Techspot : TechSpot is a leading computer  technology publication established in 1998. Read daily by thousands of computer enthusiasts , it has a good collection of free drivers for download under various categories from videocards to printers and motherboard BIOS updates..
  6. Soft32 Drivers : Soft32 is primarily a software download site and also provides driver downloads. Organised under normal categories from Bios,Keyboard & Mouse, Firmware, Motherboard to Modem & Network drivers – all can be found. Most of the drivers are hosted on their own or supporting sites.
  7. Download3k : This is another good software site providing driver downloads.Though the categories are limited to Audio, Graphics,Imaging,Input Devices,Motherboard,Network and Printers, the drivers are easily downloadable from the links – most of which work.
  8. Wireless-Driver : If you are looking for drivers for your wireless devices, this site can be helpful as it hosts/provides links to drivers for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices from a number of companies. You can also request a driver in their forums or upload a driver you have. But only thing I did not like was that some links were broken and not corrected.
  9. Zol Driver : This is a site in Chinese but is quite big site for driver downloads. They claim to host over 67000 drivers for various devices/manufacturers. I use this site by translating the same through Google and then browse the site till I find my download links.
  10. : This is a small driver download website that seems to add a few drivers now and then. The drivers are mostly uploaded on Rapidshare and links are provided to download them. I ,however, find it difficult to navigate their site and its better to just make a search for the requisite drivers. Also, the download links provided on the download page are quite small and sometimes tend to get lost in the ads and one has to look for them closely.
  11. Driversbay :One of the more commonly known driver download sites. Many drivers are downloaded from’s own servers while others are made available for download from the hardware manufacturer’s site.There’s no registration required to download drivers from and like many other driver download sites, the drivers are organized by hardware making them easy to locate. However, the site seems to have many broken links of late.

    Driver Download Blogs

  12. Bootwin : This blog has got drivers of various notebooks like Acer, Dell,HP  besides drivers of mobile phones. Normally they provide download links directly from the company site.
  13. Videodrivers : Though not in English language, the site can be accessed in Italian, Portugese and French language. Find drivers for computing devices such as motherboard, video cards, printers or scanners.   Some of them include versions for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and FreeBSD. However, after selecting a driver for download, you have to wait approx 2 minutes to get download link.

    Driver Download Forums

  14. Driverheaven : This is another forum from where driver download links are available.Just visit the link and find the threads for drivers. However, for full view of the forums you need to register.
  15. Driverguide Forums :Driverguide is an excellent site to find the latest drivers. However, the site has now become paid and they usually charge anywhere upto $5 for a single driver download. However, their forums are still useful and provide links to download Free Drivers. Just visit their forums and select the appropriate thread to find the download links.
  16. Digitex:This is a forum where members post Driver Download links  . I found some of the obscure dirvers here which were not found otherwise on the net.Besides these sites, blogs and forums, given herebelow  is a list of Top Device Manufacturers with links to their driver download pages from where you can search drivers for your device model and download.

    Manufacturers’ Driver Download Pages

  17. AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

  18. Asus Drivers
  19. Dell Drivers Download
  20. Fujitsu Driver Downloads
  21. Gateway Drivers Downloads
  22. Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers
  23. HP Drivers Downloads
  24. Lenovo Drivers
  25. MSI
  26. Nvidia Driver Downloads
  27. Sony Drivers – works only if you use a Sony device to reach this page..
  28. Wesern Digital SATA Hard Drives Downloads
  29. Toshiba DownloadsDid we miss any important driver site ? I have not mentioned

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Thanks for share, i’m really need it. Nice post.

I already bookmarked the page, thanks for sharing these great resources here!

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just get the details of the driver from device manager and enter them in the driver search engine, works everytime for me.

example: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1A31&SUBSYS_*PNP0C08

Great list, I know howe hard it can be to find drivers without going through tonds of ads.

Originally Posted By MarkGreat list, I know howe hard it can be to find drivers without going through tonds of ads.

Looks like I need a new keyboard drivers with that spelling.

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