Top 25 Bookmarklets To Make Your Life Easier

bookmarklets Bookmarklets are small javascript codes which act as shortcuts to performing a long task. Eg if you want to post a screenshot of this page and post it to twitter, you will have to perform multiple tasks before the link can be posted to twitter. However, if you just use a bookmarklet (no2 below), you can just click on the same and post the screenshot to twitter easily. Similarly , all other bookmarklets mentioned below are of great use and make your life easier. These bookmarklets can be used on any advanced browsers like Firefox, Opera,Chrome,Safari etc .

Note: You need to drag these bookmarklet links  to the bookmark bar of your browser. : has become the most powerful url shortening service. Rather than visiting the site, just click on this bookmarklet (after you drag it to your browser) and generate the shortening link for the webpage you are viewing.

2.BugmeNot : You visit a site and need to login to check its content. However, the signup process is tedious and you wan to avoid it . Just click on this bookmarklet on your browser and it will open up a Bugmenot window and show you some free login ids and passwords . Just use those login ids and you can check the site easily. I find this one of the most useful bookmarklet.

3.Find Tweets On Current Page: Want to find how many tweets a webpage has received on twitter ? Just click on this link once it is on your bookmarks bar.

4.Search The Current Site : This Google site search bookmarklet enables you to search within the current site without needing to open any search engine. Cool, isn’t it?

5.Download Current Video:You are viewing a Youtube/Metacafe/Myspace  Video and want to download it. Just click on this bookmarklet and download the video easily. You will need to visit  their homepage to get the bookmarklet as it is quite heavy.

6.Translate to English : You are viewing a page in French and want to see the English version . No need to open the Google Translate; just click on this bookmarklet and see the English translation.

7.Edit Current Page: Do you want to edit the current page and use it somewhere? Just click on this bookmarklet.

8.Check CSS,Javascript On Current Page : This firebug bookmarklet shows you immediately the javascripts on the current page and the CSS or the HTML if you desire. Very useful for developers.

9. Show Password: This is one of my favourite bookmarklets. It shows any passwords that are there on a form on a current page. It is very useful since we are getting so used to browsers auto filling the passwords for us that we sometimes need to check what password we are using !.

10.Delicious Bookmarks : Need to check how many bookmarks the current site has on Delicous? Just use this bookmarklet.

11.Twit This : For the tweeters, this can be useful . If you are logged in to Twitter, just click on this bookmarklet to Tweet the current page.

12.Digg This : Digg the current page with this bookmarklet.

13.WHOis : Want to check the WhoIs details on the site you are viewing? Just use this bookmarklet.

14:Gmail This URL : Want to Gmail the current URL to your friends? Click on this bookmarklet and it opens your gmail composed email with the url in the email body. Just add address and send !.

15.Google Page Rank : Find the Page Rank of any page with this bookmarklet.

16. Resize to 800 : Resizes window to 800X600. Good for checking how a page looks in this resolution.Also, Resize to 1024 and Resize to 640 can be used.

17. Map This : A simple utility to search Google Maps. Opens up a search box to search Google Maps.

18. Mobile View : Want to see how this page looks in a mobile? Click on this bookmarklet.

19. Validate HTML : This bookmarklet is useful for developers and avoid few steps to validate HTML on the webpages.

20.Show Images & Pixel Size : This is again useful for developers to quickly analyze images on a webpage  by showing the images as well as their sizes.

21. Validate CSS : Another one for the developers. Validate the CSS on any page quickly

22. Google Trends : Find the relative popularity of any site using this bookmarklet.

23.Print What You Like : A great bookmarklet to enable you print whatever sections of a webpage that you wan to print.

24.Download PDF : Another cool marklet to enable you download PDF file of any webpage that you are viewing.

25.Clean Read : Read a webpage in a clutter free format and print it if you like..

Do mention in comments if you find any good bookmarklet has been missed…

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