How To Know More About Sites Using

Google search results do not show the dates when the webpages were first crawled. I used to previously use the operator “&as_qdr=y1” etc on the Google search results url , but found it very cumbersome to do so. However, with this search engine it is now very easy to find the dates when the […]

11 Firefox Search Plugins To Make You A Search GURU

  Firefox plugins are such a great resource for improving productivity on the net. Here is a list of 11 such plugins which are very useful to improve your search experience and productivity.Each of them has been explained with detailed images (and even a video turorial created by us) so that you can have a […]

Top Viewed Videos on Youtube- firefox search plugin to search easily from searchbar

Whenever I search Youtube videos on any topic, I always try to find the videos with the highest viewcount.The reason being that a high view count is a sort of reassurance that a large number of people have already liked it – so there is a better chance of it being useful.I thought that it […]