5 very useful internet tools to improve online efficiency.

Symbols for web developping Here are 5 very useful internet tools which I use regularly to improve my effiency of internet usage.They do not fall in any particular  category, but each of them is a Free service which does not require any logins or registrations. Each of them saves time for online activities in its own unique way.Check and try out these tools and see if any of them is useful for you. I am sure that you will find at least one of them to be useful. Do not forget to mention in the comments if you are using some other tools to improve efficiency.

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How to create firefox site search plugin and host it -a step by step guide

firefox search plugin 1 copy Few weeks back I did not know how to create a firefox search plugin for a site. I researched at Google and found many blog posts related to the same. However, I found that most of them were not covering all the steps and after some brain whacking found out the exact course of action. Here I am giving  exact step by step instructions to create  a firefox  website search plugin. For an example, we will create the  Plugin for our site – Tech Tools.

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14 Cool Photoshop Tutorial Websites to Become a Photoshop Master.

Photoshop is an incredible software and for a creative mind it offers unlimited   oppurtunities to express itself. However, given our time limitations , we are not always able to spend the time to learn the complex menus of this software. The best option is then to use some of the sites which provide great photoshop tutorials and learn exactly what one wants to  .I am listing here 14 cool sites which should not be missed by photoshop lovers.

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8 great anonymous email sending services /softwares

free anonymous emails Ever wanted to see the expression of your colleague when he opens an email coming from his boss stating that he his salary has been doubled ?  Well , normally such emails never come. But you can still see the expression of your colleague to such a news and also afterwards when he/she comes to know that its a prank. There are few free email services and softwares which enable you to do this. You can just send an email which looks like it has come from somebody else and with no trace of the origin or the writer of the mail. Just a request, don’t play the prank too hard on anyone -this was just an example..

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59 top free icons downloading resources/websites on the net

Web designers are in constant need of high quality icons which are hopefully free. There might be hundreds of places on the net from where they can search and find the icons. But not all of those provide great quality icons and not all are free.In this post, we have tried to aggregate the best resources on the net for downloading free icon sets.
The post is divided in 4 sections:
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50 best websites to download eBOOKs FREE

The world is  becoming more and more digitized and mobile, it has now become easy for us to carry a lot of information with  us which can be browsed during free time. Ebooks are a favourite source of consuming information in digital form. Though ebooks need to be generally bought, there are  many places from where a variety of ebooks can be downloaded. We are listing here 50 great websites which we feel are the best places to download free ebooks from the net.
Download Any stuff : Once again comes on the top as a favourite because searching ebooks is very easy  here. Just search for any name/author (alongwith word ‘ebook’) and get the links to download pages. To get better results,click on the category ‘eBooks’ on the results page. You may also find some audio books/mp3 etc on that topic during the search.
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5o best websites to download free mp3 songs

If you are a music freak, you should checkout the following list of 50 sites that offer free mp3 downloads. Many of them are search engines,some are blogs and others are normal music sites. Do leave comments on the sites which you find the best .
1.Download Any Stuff -Simple and easy search for mp3 songs. Just enter any song/artist name and get download links. Click on ‘Songs/Music’ on the results page to refine  results further..This engine also allows search for softwares,ebooks,shared files etc.
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Free website creating tools on the net

There are a number of services on the net which provide free website creation and hosting facilities. Here is a summary on the best of them. Each of these services is good at its own place and is useful for different set of users having different requirements.
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Hello world!

This blog has been started to review the best tools on the net under various categories. I hope I shall be able to provide to the readers a useful way of looking at various new tools on the internet.