Top 25 Bookmarklets To Make Your Life Easier

Bookmarklets are small javascript codes which act as shortcuts to performing a long task. Eg if you want to post a screenshot of this page and post it to twitter, you will have to perform multiple tasks before the link can be posted to twitter. However, if you just use a bookmarklet (no2 below), you […]

Top 29 Places to Download Drivers – FREE

  Getting stuck up on your laptop , PDA or any other device for lack of  its latest driver can be a very frustrating experience. Driver download websites can be a good resource at these times to find the appropriate drivers and get out of the situation. There are an umpteen sites out there which […]

How To Know More About Sites Using

Google search results do not show the dates when the webpages were first crawled. I used to previously use the operator “&as_qdr=y1” etc on the Google search results url , but found it very cumbersome to do so. However, with this search engine it is now very easy to find the dates when the […]

18 FREE and Cool Photohsop Alternatives…..

  Photoshop is one of the best software ever made – if I may use the superlatives. However, the only problem with photoshop is that Its Too Expensive. However, for those who are not able to lay their hands on Photoshop, here is a list of some Great and Free Photoshop alternatives . These softwares are […]

5 very useful internet tools to improve online efficiency.

Here are 5 very useful internet tools which I use regularly to improve my effiency of internet usage.They do not fall in any particular  category, but each of them is a Free service which does not require any logins or registrations. Each of them saves time for online activities in its own unique way.Check and […]