How To Remember All Shortened URLs Easily And Use Them Effectively

remember short urls copy URL Shortening services are the in thing today with cool sites like Tinyurl,, Snipurl, Shorturl,  providing free URL  truncators. Almost everyone is using them – whether via Twitter or just for posting links from own site or other sites to Social Media .But how many of these short links do you actually  remember ?? .If you remember even 1 ,out of hundreds of links that you may have created , would be a good score !

Is there a way by which you can easily remember almost all your shortened links ? I think so – and its  very easy to do so .


Making Easy to remember short links for your own site/blog

Let’s say I want to create easy to remember short links for  the posts on my blog.  I use services like Tinyurl and as these services allow custom name on the url. So what I do is that I create a custom name in two parts :

First Part of the shortened URL : It is fixed ie for my blog  it is “ bot-“  (bot is the shortened version of Best Online Tools and a character ( – ) is used to make the custom name difficult to copy.

Second part of the shortened URL : For the second part of the custom URL , I just take the most important word from the post which I can easily remember.Now if I want to create a short url for

  1. For one of my most popular posts 50 best websites to download free mp3 songs , I will use ‘songs’ as the second part of my short URL custom name. So my shortened url becomes like
  2. or

  3. Similarly the shortened URL for my post 50 Websites to Download Free Ebooks becomes  or after adding the second part of url “ebooks”

Now I am not going to forget (I hope !) that the standard fixed element of my shortened URLs is ‘bot-‘ and I have to just keep on adding new words after it to create short links for different posts on my site.

It also makes it much easier to access these links if you are using a mobile to access certain pages on your site . Also, using the same custom name on different sites also greatly reduces the possibility that your links may be deleted by an act of error by any site.

Is it possible to create such  links for  pages from large sites ?

Many of you will think that it would be easier to do for smaller sites but not for big sites as they would have millions of short links already created for them. Lets see ! .

Lets say I want to create short links for the pages on

I chose the fixed name (first part) of the URL for Google as “goo”

Now if I want to create short link for some searches on Google , this is how I do it :

Google Search Results for :

  1. Web2.0 trends : or
  2. Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince :  or

Such easy to remember short urls can also be created for pages which do not have a long url, but you just want to remember them easily without searching for their exact URL. Eg, here I have created Short URLs for Google pages like :

Google Talk :

Google Books

You can play around with different word combinations to find the ones that are most easily remembered by you and which are much less likely to be taken up by others. Using special characters greatly reduces the risk of others creating similar links like yours and almost gives you a sort of fixed sub domain !

Creating these short links for the important links that you share or visit often has made my life simpler and I hope it does the same for you.

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