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Google search timed copy Google search results do not show the dates when the webpages were first crawled. I used to previously use the operator “&as_qdr=y1” etc on the Google search results url , but found it very cumbersome to do so. However, with this search engine it is now very easy to find the dates when the webpages were first crawled. There are some more interesting things you can do with this engine:


  1. If you are blogger, find the incoming new links to your posts from last 10 years to last 24 hours.
  2. Find new content on any site within a time period (say last week).
  3. Find the webpages on your site which were crawled in last 1 month,week, 24 hours etc

Let’s see how you can do it . Go to and find results for a famous blog –

1. New Content on Techcrunch: Lets find out the webpages where new content has been added by Techcrunch on their site. We just search “” and get this result for last 24 hours

timed search techcrunch 1 copy

2. Now if we simply search “” and chose the last 24 hours option, we will find the results showing all mentions of in last 24 hours alongwith the URLs of that have updated. See the result here

timed search techcrunch copy

You can do much more and get information on your own site/blog and that of others using . Checkout some more of Google Operators and you can play around with them using this site.


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