Top 25 Bookmarklets To Make Your Life Easier

Bookmarklets are small javascript codes which act as shortcuts to performing a long task. Eg if you want to post a screenshot of this page and post it to twitter, you will have to perform multiple tasks before the link can be posted to twitter. However, if you just use a bookmarklet (no2 below), you […]

How To Remember All Shortened URLs Easily And Use Them Effectively

URL Shortening services are the in thing today with cool sites like Tinyurl,, Snipurl, Shorturl,  providing free URL  truncators. Almost everyone is using them – whether via Twitter or just for posting links from own site or other sites to Social Media .But how many of these short links do you actually  remember […]

14 Top Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use To Improve Productivity

Blogging can be like heavy weight lifting  particularly if you like your posts to be highly researched, formatted and user friendly. From a few minutes , it can take up to few hours and more to put up a blog post. There are some great tools which can cut down this time to more than […]