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Top 25 Bookmarklets To Make Your Life Easier

Bookmarklets are small javascript codes which act as shortcuts to performing a long task. Eg if you want to post a screenshot of this page and post it to twitter, you will have to perform multiple tasks before the link can be posted to twitter. However, if you just use a bookmarklet (no2 below), you […]

Top 29 Places to Download Drivers – FREE

  Getting stuck up on your laptop , PDA or any other device for lack of  its latest driver can be a very frustrating experience. Driver download websites can be a good resource at these times to find the appropriate drivers and get out of the situation. There are an umpteen sites out there which […]

How To Remember All Shortened URLs Easily And Use Them Effectively

URL Shortening services are the in thing today with cool sites like Tinyurl,, Snipurl, Shorturl,  providing free URL  truncators. Almost everyone is using them – whether via Twitter or just for posting links from own site or other sites to Social Media .But how many of these short links do you actually  remember […]

How To Know More About Sites Using

Google search results do not show the dates when the webpages were first crawled. I used to previously use the operator “&as_qdr=y1” etc on the Google search results url , but found it very cumbersome to do so. However, with this search engine it is now very easy to find the dates when the […]

18 FREE and Cool Photohsop Alternatives…..

  Photoshop is one of the best software ever made – if I may use the superlatives. However, the only problem with photoshop is that Its Too Expensive. However, for those who are not able to lay their hands on Photoshop, here is a list of some Great and Free Photoshop alternatives . These softwares are […]

11 Firefox Search Plugins To Make You A Search GURU

  Firefox plugins are such a great resource for improving productivity on the net. Here is a list of 11 such plugins which are very useful to improve your search experience and productivity.Each of them has been explained with detailed images (and even a video turorial created by us) so that you can have a […]

23 Great Websites to Download FREE GAMES

Games can be downloaded at umpteen sites. But many of them require payments,on some  you need to open accounts and some direct take you through so many links that one forgets what one was looking for .Here is a list of top 23 websites on the net where you can download Free Games easily and […]

14 Top Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use To Improve Productivity

Blogging can be like heavy weight lifting  particularly if you like your posts to be highly researched, formatted and user friendly. From a few minutes , it can take up to few hours and more to put up a blog post. There are some great tools which can cut down this time to more than […]

Top Viewed Videos on Youtube- firefox search plugin to search easily from searchbar

Whenever I search Youtube videos on any topic, I always try to find the videos with the highest viewcount.The reason being that a high view count is a sort of reassurance that a large number of people have already liked it – so there is a better chance of it being useful.I thought that it […]

10 Free tools to convert PDF to WORD and other formats

PDF is a great document format . However, it has a limitation (or strength?) that it cannot be edited. However, at times we need to edit the PDF documents . Here is a list of 10 Free PDF to Word (and other formats) converting services which you can use for easy conversion of the PDF […]