8 great anonymous email sending services /softwares

free anonymous emails Ever wanted to see the expression of your colleague when he opens an email coming from his boss stating that he his salary has been doubled ?  Well , normally such emails never come. But you can still see the expression of your colleague to such a news and also afterwards when he/she comes to know that its a prank. There are few free email services and softwares which enable you to do this. You can just send an email which looks like it has come from somebody else and with no trace of the origin or the writer of the mail. Just a request, don’t play the prank too hard on anyone -this was just an example..

Online services for sending free anonymous emails:

1.Deadfake: This is a simple service which enables you to put the ‘To’ and ‘From’ address of the email and draft the email in Rich text. Just enter the addresses , your message and send. Just make sure that the domain that you are mentioning for the email address exists.

2.Webwinzy : Again a similar kind of form as in Deadfake to add the ‘To’ and ‘From’ addresses and the body of the email. Only, you cannot add rich text in the email.
3.Write a note: In this service you can just add the receivers email address and not the senders address. It can be used for sending notes to self or others without needing to login to your email account.

4.Npspm: Again a free service to send message to anybody . However, you cannot add the ‘From’ address in the message .

There are also some other great email services which can be used for sending stealth messages. If your message is confidential, these can be used in a way that only the receipent of the message can read it.
5.Stealth Message:  What  you need to do here is to  enter a message,  then enter a code for the message , click on ‘Encrypt’ button and send . Send the code to the message receiver by another means like Phone or a Text message. The receipent can just click on the link received in email , enter the code and the message is visible. Another advantage of this service is that you can set the message for self-destruct within a time frame – say 1 hour.
6.Whisper Bot: – Whisperbot  is another service that enables to send a stealth message for someone .  There is facility to enter the  code for receipent ,which can be sent to him/her through another means , so that the message can be opened by him/her only.

Free softwares for sending anonymous emails:

Also check out these two cool softwares which can be used for sending anonymous emails in bulk.

7.Anonymail Pro – This software enables you to send unlimited Anonymous email from unlimited lists. Up to 100 emails can be sent  in a session. Session takes between 1 – 3 seconds. Can send millions of emails per day. Download here
8.Fake Email Mailer –  Fake Mailer is a powerful anonymous emailer that allows you to send fake emails that appear to come from any email address. It is another cool tool for jokes….Download here
Warning: All these services to be used for Fun sake only and not meant to be misused in any way.

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