5o best websites to download free mp3 songs

If you are a music freak, you should checkout the following list of 50 sites that offer free mp3 downloads. Many of them are search engines,some are blogs and others are normal music sites. Do leave comments on the sites which you find the best .
1.Download Any Stuff -Simple and easy search for mp3 songs. Just enter any song/artist name and get download links. Click on ‘Songs/Music’ on the results page to refine  results further..This engine also allows search for softwares,ebooks,shared files etc.
Bt.etree.org tracks live recording torrents of bands.
3.Unsigned Band Web unknown bands sign up here to get noticed. Their songs are available for downloading. The site also maintain charts to show which of their songs are popular.
4.Elbo.ws – Aggregates music blogs and the search results link to the relevant blog posts.
5.Spinner – they give a free mp3 song every day and have been doing so for quite some time.
6.YayMp3search engine for mp3 songs.
7. Seekasong – Includes standard search and viewing artist by first letter.
8.Bloggdigger – Searches links of mp3 from blogs as one of the options. However, I could find some gif files also linked in searches for mp3.
9.Skreemr – easy searching on songs in simple google like search.
10.SsMunchsearch engine for downloading MP3.The links takes one to Amazon for downloads.
11.Mp3 Find – though a small collection of mp3 files, it provides easy access and most of the links are working.
12.Download Music – they have a good collection of not so well known tracks. However, be patient with  broken links that you may encounter.
13.Garage Band – If you are looking for some cool obscure stuff, this is the place for finding it.
14 Dogpile-One can search through the audio option and get  links to download songs. However, the results seem to be somewhat limited considering the size of the engine .
15 Indie Rock Cafe offers download links on its blog posts.
16.Mp3Realm – Search and get download links on search page. The results seem good and auto suggestion   for the keywords as you type.
17.DMusic offers genre wise indie music.
18.Sideload – They have a large collection of free music which they claim is about 163,000 songs..
19. iCompositions –offers some free music. But you need to register to download.
20. The Internet Archive has a large selection of free music and audio books.
21. Jamendo offers tons of free mainstream and obscure music downloads.
22. Epitonic – though the interface is not very user friendly , there is still some free music to be downloaded.
23. Stereokiller has some great metal/punk/hardcore/ free songs.
24. 3hive – This is a  music blog which has some cool download links in their posts.
25. Mp3.com One of the most well known mp3 sites.It has a section for  free music where there are limited songs available for download.
26. Purevolume.com has some free songs available. However, the rest of the site provides songs mainly for streaming.
27. Download.com.CNET has all of its song collection for streaming and a good number of them for downloading.
28. Last.FM has some free downloads too. Follow the link.

29. Blentwell has lot of DJ mixes, categorized by genre.
30.We7 – offers some free music files also besides streaming.But you need to search a bit for the same.
31.MTV regularly offers a few  free mp3 downloads.
32. iSound –Though  mainly a music streaming site, it has some free music available on this page for download.
33.Mp3 Centre– Seems to have a good collection of mp3. Use search box to find the songs.
34.Wuzam Web 2.0 looks and allows searching, streaming and downloading music.
35.Plorf –create playlists or download. The site is little slow though.
36.SpiralFrog is offering free music also besides streaming. However, there are limitations on downloading and streaming in some countries and they are not uniformly available at all places.
37.Seekmp3 simply allows you to search, listen, download MP3 .
38.FilesTube – create playlists or download files .The results link to uploaded music on file sharing sites.
39.Lumerias – search and download video files.
40.Mp3gle searches mp3 files mainly from esnips and video files from youtube.
41.Beemp3 useful search engine for MP3.Just search ,find song,enter verification code and download.
42.Free kids Music.Looking for some cool tunes and songs for your kids .Check it out here.
43.Classic Cat – has a good database of links to free obscure music.
44.Maxalbums – offers complete albums with downloads taking one to file sharing sites.
45.Free-albums.net – has some good collection of songs (links) which can be downloaded from file sharing sites they link to.
46.Njouba– select the mp3 option and search the songs.
47.Mp3eqsearch for artist or song name to find download links.
48.Mp3search.fm – Another search engine to find mp3.
49.Its free downloadsuseful for itune users to keep updated about the free music from itune.
50.Yourmp3 – checkout their collection of free songs and videos. Do leave your suggestion in the comments for any other sites that I may have missed.Enjoy your free music!

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Wow!..some list…great research ..now it for me to discover all those treasures..a big thanks

http://www.musichostnetwork.com is also a great site to download free mp3.

Another great source is:

I think this is one of the most complete lists for downloading music. Thanks. Bookmarked this page.

Awesome list, a special thanks for this post =)

Good list!
One more you may have forgotten is mp3raid.com

I don’t see verned.com on your list. It’s where I get my mp3s.

Wow!!, alot here to check out. Unsigned band web has alot of of great music. Thanks

No thanks.

Super list. Thanks a halfa billion.

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the woodsmen have like a hundred and something songs for free on their site… i never see them linked in these free MP3 lists- they should be

just uot of curiosity do i know u?write back

I have found the best site to download free MP3s and wanted to share with you to put in this page if you want.


I have found SO MANY songs that I couldn’t find anywhere else…

Music Lemon is another great for searching and downloading mp3s.

If you ask me, the best one of this list is the first one – http://downloadanystuff.org . The reason is that I can download other stuff like softwares and ringtones besides songs from this engine. Even the second one http://bt.etree.org is quite good but it has more of obscure kind of songs

You can add this one too:


it’s a french website, with a huge database of mp3s

@marcel lemieux – Thanks sophia

just use http://www.jimmyr.com/mp3.php It’s better than limewire. It uses google to search for ftp directories and folder indexes. The site also has rapidshare / megaupload / torrent options in the drop down list for full discographies and ripped cds

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[…] Een ongelooflijk interessante lijst met websites waar je songs kan downloadne, volledig gratis, en veilig bovendien. Er zitten verschillende bekende sites tussen, zoals het Internet Archief, Jamendo, MP3.com, DOnwload.com, LastFM, maar je zal ook verschillende nieuwe sites aantreffen. Om te ontdekken! [Taal: Engels] http://www.bestonlinetools.org/5o-best-websites-to-download- … […]

[…] Een ongelooflijk interessante lijst met websites waar je songs kan downloadne, volledig gratis, en veilig bovendien. Er zitten verschillende bekende sites tussen, zoals het Internet Archief, Jamendo, MP3.com, DOnwload.com, LastFM, maar je zal ook verschillende nieuwe sites aantreffen. Om te ontdekken! [Taal: Engels] http://www.bestonlinetools.org/5o-best-websites-to-download- … […]

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http://www.intothehill.com is also a great place to download free music.

@come_down_david – i checked out the site but could not find much free music. did i miss something?

[…] – 5o best websites to download free mp3 songs gevonden via netties.be (tags: multimedia mp3 websites media download […]

[…] 5o best websites to download free mp3 songs gevonden via netties.be (tags: multimedia mp3 websites media download freeware) […]

Wowww… Grreat.. another reviews and good research foy us..


big thanks too! 😉

[…] Een ongelooflijk interessante lijst met websites waar je songs kan downloadne, volledig gratis, en veilig bovendien. Er zitten verschillende bekende sites tussen, zoals het Internet Archief, Jamendo, MP3.com, DOnwload.com, LastFM, maar je zal ook verschillende nieuwe sites aantreffen. Om te ontdekken![Taal: Engels]http://www.bestonlinetools.org/5o-best-websites-to-download- … […]

maxalbums was probably the best of them, i got a few full albums off of their

I browsed through most of the above mentioned sites and found that the first one http://downloadanystuff.org is good because could find most of the songs (with ringtones also), second one http://bt.etree.org/ – which has a very good collection of obscure songs and the internet archive http://www.archive.org/details/audio which is good anyway

http://www.bestonlinetools.org – great domain name for blog like this)))

Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( http://www.bestonlinetools.org ) in my rss reader

@edgevekex – you just need to add the url http://www.bestonlinetools.org/feed/ in your feedreader.

nice list, add B Live Share aswell, free and legal tracks all supported by bacardi


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http://www.gibson.com (The guitar site)

Click on downloads.

Has about 450 free songs! All Genres

hi etoro,
thanks for this link and i regret the delay in reply to your message. the site is quite promising and has some great downloads. thanks

Hi Poison K,
That looks like a great site. thanks

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Don’t forget Triple J Unearthed. It’s for unsigned Australian Bands (rock, pop, punk, hip hop, indie, electronic, etc…) – hosted by triple j radio (http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/).

Try ineedfile.com to look for rapidshare files. I using it regularly and allways satisfied with the results
It’s redesigned now and looks much more beter. More than 7 000 000 files in their database.
They offer search toolbars for FF and IE. They also offer search bar for your site.

Да, похоже что в действительности – так оно и есть. P.S. Сайт, кстати, у вас прикольно сверстан :)

That looks like a great site. thanks

I would also like to ad http://rcrdlbl.com. They offer free mp3s as well.

If you’re interested in indie rock, check out my site as well. We offer free mp3s from artists and labels who contact us! (http://musicunderfire.com)

Another Awesome site is http://www.yodj.com

Originally Posted By MusicUnderFire
I would also like to ad http://rcrdlbl.com. They offer free mp3s as well.

If you’re interested in indie rock, check out my site as well. We offer free mp3s from artists and labels who contact us! (http://musicunderfire.com)

Hi ,
I agree with you. Its a great site.. Thanks for informing..

Originally Posted By Q?

all I can say

Another good site . Thanks.. I will include this in an update I put on the post

[…] one of my most popular posts 50 best websites to download free mp3 songs , I will use ‘songs’ as the second part of my short URL custom name. So my shortened url […]

Another great site, http://www.aimini.net
There’s where I get almost all my music.
Just type it in the search bar, and you’ll get tons of results. Pick the one you want, and then click the download button. It’s so easy, and free.

This one’s not bad eighter, and it have clean design:

It’s mp3 search engine btw


missing the best one… beemp3.com

Thanks for the list. http://www.YayMP3.com was the best for me! Thanks again.

hey jp. mp3raid.com…ryt. that’s where i get most of my mp3s.also mp3-codes.com.try it. :)


can any 1 give me link to download Mongol movie English version ??

i have found it every where but dint got the movie.

waiting for ur replies

can any 1 provide me the link for downloading 1942-A LOVE STORY songs

Originally Posted By bortlemissing the best one… beemp3.com

this is the best one so far that i have found!

Very useful free mp3 list, thanks.

Does anyone have the contact info for MP3Search.fm? They no longer have a website, and I still had money in my account!! >=P

the list is still more to go as http://www.playlist.pk is one of the major website to be included

Great, thanks for putting up such a nice list of resources 😉

beemp3 is one of the best sites I’ve ever used; it definitely deserves to be at the top of this list.

keep sharing…

totally agree with Sara above add its blog as well http://blog.playlist.pk

For High Class mp3 music check our Music Collection. We hope you will enjoy the results of our efforts to collect this Massive mp3 Music Collection for our valued visitors.

Here is a hassle free one I use all the time http://www.mp3piles.com

great domain you have please do include http://www.playlist.pk top website for Pakistani website

i totally agree with sara above do check http://www.bazee.pk for more info.

you forgot http://fetchsong.com/
very clean design and all links get checked before delivered.

nice list

uhh sory, if wrote two times that you forgot the same domain…

I think your suggestion would be helpful for me. I will let you know if its work for me too.

Wow great list i think the most popular is beemp3 right now.

hello beemp3.com is not the best site its not usefull site r u stupid anyway u will also try abmp3.com and all the sites r very good besides beemp3 ok

also try musicdumper.com

Here is one I use http://www.mp3piles.com I like this one because it’s very fast to find any song I’m looking for.

Great Post, the link below also recommends a good website to download free ringtones. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Fantastic article, I’ve saved this webpage so hopefully I will see much more on this topic in the future!

Anyone know what happened to Music Frost?

Hey folks the sites r all so good check them out for u.

Hm, nice list to download! Cool! Author – thanks!

Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good results. If you know of any please share. Appreciate it!

Originally Posted By Brandibeemp3 is one of the best sites I’ve ever used; it definitely deserves to be at the top of this list.

Hi Brandi,

I can certainly that beemp3 sustain lots of music lover craves to download their fave music. You can visit this site http://www.flyzik.com, it can give you satisfying mp3 song downloads of your choice.

Hi Everybody!

Actually, the best website I found to dowload mp3 for free is http://www.tuuktuuk.com You can make you own collection of your favorite mp3 in no time….Excellent! Try it!

i hope all the sites provide all the music irrespective of whether it has copyrights or not :)

Wow this is an awesome list. Now I don’t have to do the research myself.

You must take part in a contest for among the best blogs on the web. I’ll suggest this website!

mediafire.com is also a really good one

try also this site. http://www.mp3elm.com

http://www.mp3elm.com for mp3downloads

1 Best free MP3 downloads on the internet

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http://www.songs4download.com is mp3 songs download best website

Great list! If i may add to it:

This site has tons of free Music and Sound Effects http://www.soundjig.com

This one has tons of free Hip Hop Music http://www.freebeats4u.com

“MP3 Find” is a pay-only service :/

woooow….. its great to download here.awesome.

Originally Posted By odawgmoneymediafire.com is also a really good one

Fantastic (long) list of mp3 sites!!! Id spend hours online lukn for a good mp3 site. Not anymore! Thanks to http://www.bestonlinetools.org. Im so glad i found this site!! Thanks again. Aloha from Hawaii!

best website for music

There are certainly a lot more details to take into consideration, but thanks for sharing this information.

We have our band listed on http://www.tweewoo.com/ where people can follow their favorite artists and listen to free personalized radio. It’s great!

You are missing mp3skull.com and mp3raid

I want to download song.

woow list of song i like it
u guys join my new mp3 song and vedio song
andy song,
pop song,

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i got d best- http://downloadanystuff.org U guyz reali Gr8! . . . . . Thumsup guyz!

i love you

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research is praiseworthy

freegaana.blogspot.comis also a great site to download free mp3.

http://freegaana.blogspot.comis also a great site to download free mp3.

http://www.oruwebsite.com this is site for downloading songs so, catch this site

best link 2 provide a variety of mp3 collction whch enabls 2 get compltd of dere collction………thnx a lot

Very good blog post. I definitely love this website.
Keep writing!

I think http://www.mp3clan.com is the best site for free mp3. I find everything there

I use http://www.mp3dld.com and I am very happy with it!

it’s amazing’ wow!

Nice article: 5o best websites to download free mp3 songs. A lot of thanks for all of the hard work on this web page. My mom enjoys conducting internet research and it is simple to grasp why. Most people learn all of the powerful mode you produce functional tips and hints on the blog and even cause response from some other people on that idea so our own daughter is now starting to learn a lot. Enjoy the rest of the new year. You are performing a good job.

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