50 best websites to download eBOOKs FREE

The world is  becoming more and more digitized and mobile, it has now become easy for us to carry a lot of information with  us which can be browsed during free time. Ebooks are a favourite source of consuming information in digital form. Though ebooks need to be generally bought, there are  many places from where a variety of ebooks can be downloaded. We are listing here 50 great websites which we feel are the best places to download free ebooks from the net.
Download Any stuff : Once again comes on the top as a favourite because searching ebooks is very easy  here. Just search for any name/author (alongwith word ‘ebook’) and get the links to download pages. To get better results,click on the category ‘eBooks’ on the results page. You may also find some audio books/mp3 etc on that topic during the search.
Gutenberg: has over 27000 free ebooks to be downloaded from their online catalogue.
3.Arvix : Download over  500,000 e-books in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics from the Cornell University Library.
Internet Archive: A huge(possibly the largest) collection of open source etexts on the net. Just make a quick search and reach the description page and on the left panel get the links to download the ebook in various formats.
Scribd :Scribd has a huge database of files uploaded by members. A  large number of them are ebooks. Just search for “x-y-z ebook” and   check out the results and download.
Online books page :The Online Books Page was founded, and is edited,   by John Mark Ockerbloom, He is a digital library planner and researcher   at the University of Pennsylvania.The site is maintained by the University  and has a very large database of free ebooks which you can read online also.
Ebookhood: Basically the site  allows you to convert text and webpages to formats readable on the iPod and other reader devices, share the ebooks and reviews with other readers in the neighborhood.The files uploaded by members are downloadable and hence a good collection of free ebooks  is generated.
Hotfilms : don’t be mislead by the name. There is a good collection of ebooks also on this site in the ebooks section.
GetfreeEbooks: This site provides free and legal ebooks with some books   available for download immediately and some are linked to other sites.
Franklin Free Library: One of the largest online electronic publishers, they have a good collection of free ebooks as well. Just follow the link given. Downloads are quite easy from the link given against each title.
Freebookspot: Have ebooks on varied topics and the links to download the same are provided at the bottom of the page. These links and descriptions are also uploaded by the members on the site.
Booksshouldbefree:Taking cue from their own name, they are offering free downloads of books in Text and Mp3 formats(audiobooks).
13.AcrobatPlanet: As the name suggests, plenty of Pdf files for download available here for free. Browsing is easy
. Free online Novels:Provides download links to a collection of novels.
15.Filebook:They have shared files links to over 2000 ebooks for download.
16.ebooksPdf :Free Online Library- contains Ebooks, primarily in PDF format .
17.Fullbooks: A collection of (thousands –they claim) ebooks which can be read online . However, since the books are divided in a few pages, the individual pages/chapters can be downloaded.
.Globusz:  It is a e-book publishing house and tries to promote the works  of lesser known authors.    Most of the works are available for free download.
19.Memoware: MemoWare has a  collection of thousands of documents (databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.)  formatted to be easily added to  PalmOS device, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC,  Symbian or other handheld device.99% of documents are free and some  are shareware for which you have to register after downloading as Zip.
.Diesel ebooks:Though Diesel Ebooks is an online retailer of books, it has  a free download section where a number of titles are available for free . Follow the link.
21.Manybooks:Search for thousands of ebooks on this site and download .The option to download in multiple formats increases the usefulness of the site.
22.MyEnbook:They provide downloads of ebooks, magazines, newspapers, reports, documents, essays etc.
.Harckerz: Hundreds of free books related to hacking and other computer related topics. Just click on the links of the books and download.
24.Mobipocket:Search for over 11000 free ebooks on topics ranging from literature(max no.) ,economics ,history etc from  Mobipocket (Amazon.com)
.Free tech Books :This site lists a large number  of technology books and provides links to other webpages which have the download links of those books. A good collection.
26.Computer books :A collection of free ebooks on computers related topics.
27.Filmsdown: Another site which may not look like a likely place to find ebooks. But their ebooks section has lot of cool ebooks with their download links.
.Ebook Space: another cool ebook site which details  mainly Technology related books and provides their links on shared files.
.Freeinsociety: They have an ebooks section which can be searched for a number of free ebooks (mainly pdf) under 16 categories.
.Pdf Search Engine:Necessarily it is  a search engine which searches PDF files. Just enter search term and  search to find if there are any pdf files for that term.
.eBook3000 :They provide details of ebooks and links to their location in shared files servers.
.Free-eBooks:This site has a good collection of free ebooks. But you need to register to download the same.
.2020ok.com :Has hundreds of categories under which ebooks are listed with their links to their download pages on other sites.
34. Onlinebooks4free :This site has listed ebooks under about 20 categories and provides links to their downloads. However, beware of many broken links that you will find.
35. Authorama : Rather than exactly providing download, it lets you read their ebooks online . The chapterwise browsing is easy and each chapter can be downloaded separately to get complete ebook.
. University of Adelaide library :The university of Adelaide has a large collection of free ebooks online. Just browse by Author or Title the classic works of Literature, Philosophy, Science, and History.
.e-Books Directory :E-Books Directory is a free web resource which contains links to free downloadable e-books, technical papers, documents, as well as user contributed content, articles, reviews and comments.They have about 1200 ebooks .
. Networkgood :An ebooks blog which posts links to download ebooks regularly.
. eBooks Canada :Has a small collection of ebooks on about 20 topics. However, the data does not seem to be updated very regularly. Still the ebooks are worth checking.
.Witguides: Another good site with range of titles on Computers, Health, Business,Self Improvement, Cooking and more. They claim to have their files fully checked for viruses.
.Freebooks: The site has listed  a good collection of ebooks with links to the webpages where download links are there. Some of these links were found broken.
TechbooksforFree :Mainly links to Techbooks downloads.
Feedbooks: It provides an easy way to find, publish and download e-books in a large number of formats.
Audiobooksforfree: Mp3,iPod,DVD audiobooks on adventure, detectives, horrors, classics, children, philosophy etc. Listen to the book sample and download in different bit rates.
PlanetebookFocusing on Classics, this site provides downloads for the same in Pdf format.
PdfOO :Register free and search for ebooks and download.
Divine Life Society :Offers free books on Yoga,Religion and Philosphy.
.ByGosh :Free illustrated kids stories,poems,novels etc . Can be read online or downloaded as individual chapters.
BooksinMyPhone:This site formats  and packages books so that you can read them on a java enabled phone. Search books by Author,Titles,’All time classics’ or by tags.
50.Sharewarefreebooks: In about 60 categories, this site has a cool collection of over 1300 ebooks which can be downloaded .
Though there are many a number of other sites that could be listed, pl do let me know in comments if I have missed any good sites in the list.

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A great list . Most of the sites are useful.
I particularly liked the first one – http://downloadanystuff.org and number 45 http://www.planetebook.com/

@Drake Mallard – I don’t agree with your statement. I searched for about 20 ebooks on this site and found 18 of them instantly through Download Any Stuff. It may seem to use Google but is highly effective

Hi Drake,
Thanks for the comment. This list is not a pre-ordered list ie not necessarily the best is coming on the top. But at the same time, I would agree with John Miller that Download Any Stuff does find Mp3 better than most other sites. Though it uses Google search, it still does the job very well.

very nice collection for free e books resources, thanks for sharing

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This is a great list. It’s fun just scrolling down and looking at the funky names of some of these sites: Authorama, Ebookhood, etc. Clever!

@UTogger – hi Utogger,
Thanks for your comments. Did you find any sites useful out of these?

Originally Posted By Top computer blog
very nice collection for free e books resources, thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comments ..

Try Gutenberg Australia, Australia doesn’t seem to have the same copyright laws the US does.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look at it.

bookmarking, and thanks for the info.

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For Science fiction and fantasy by well-known authors try the Baen Free Library here: http://www.baen.com/library/

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i wish i had these when i was in college

All ebooks fro free download from

and search and download any ebooks from best ebook search engine http://ebooksearh.we.bs

Go to m.wattpad.com to download the mobile app & read books on your phone :)

Excellent selection of books, thanks!

Download your ebooks at http://www.filemirrors.info
-> Search, Listen and download!

very good list, some sites are very slow in updating new ebooks though. for non-fiction, guides/tutorials and how to ebooks I particularly like http://www.zbooc.com and ebook reviews there are also very helpful.

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i found on the net i think this ebook dir usefull too http://www.pdfdir.com/

whether we get different results if we type “filename filetype:pdf” at google ?

I love ebooks and you made a great list. I just want to point out if your looking for a specific category of ebooks to purchase it might be worthwile to check out these free sites first being not all ebooks are great. I would like to suggest some more free ebooks sites found at http://www.samsfreeebooks.com I cant wait untill google sets up its Google Editions that can be read on the browser.

Great ebook download list

@Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

nice list.

do check out free-ebook.com !
The Free eBook Exchange community
Post your wanted ebooks and receive it from users online !

nice list.

do check out http://www.free-ebook.com !
The Free eBook Exchange community
Post your wanted ebooks and receive it from users online !

nice post :)

But i cant download some famous blogging books via these sites.. :-O

I was trying to contact blog admin .. is sandeep still manages this blog . If you can read reply

Great List! But many of them offering very limited free books

http://www.free-books.co is the english vesrion of the leading italian ebook search engine.

Everworld’s a fantasy series by K.A Applegate. I need the ebooks for Everworld 4(Realm of the reaper) and above. some one know any links ?

do anyone know where 2 find Everworld fantasy series by K.A Applegate. I need the ebooks for Everworld 4(Realm of the reaper) and above. some one know any links ?

http://ebooklink.net is the best free ebooks download site.
300k ebooks, 500 categories.

I need ‘ceramic materials for electronics by Buchanan R.C third edition-ebook’ pls give me the link for it. Im in urgent to get that book. please reply soon

What template do you use in your blog

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I need these 2 books can somebody help me to find & download them?
Hand & mind( David McNiell)
language & gesture(David McNiell)

Thank you

here is another good site : http://bookmaniacs.ws

hello, very nice lists here. However, I have one more to suggest if you are looking for free pdf books . Hope you like it. Good luck everyone:)

Thanks for posting this. Here’s one to add to your list: http://bookgoldmine.com – free ebooks and lectures, all legal.

Thanks for good information, List is very usefull another free ebooks download site

I find a website, download free -> http://www.ebookfree24.info

Another new website for downloading computing e-books is http://www.ebookoffline.com , it also contains links to free resources that cover a wide array of computing topics.

Scribd is my personal favourite and i have been using it for 2 years now. Good job on posting all the sites . this page is bookmarked my friend. :)

http://fdbooks.net – Best place to get free ebooks :)

update for list

http://fdbooks.net – Best place to get free ebooks :)




Oh my goodness! an amazing article. Thank you!

Thanks for this great list. Here’s one more site to consider:

Thanks for sharing! Many good sites. I’d like to recommend also: http://ebook-cafe.com

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Great list..
But I think you have missed 1 site to mention
This site offers more than 15000 ebooks for free download

@sir jorge
you are right…but I still use them now for work or leasure. I can recommend http://findpdf.net in addition to the main list, super comilation. Cheers!

Great list! I recommend also http://ebook-cafe.com .

a lot of these free ebooks are rubbish , some have content that has interest but most are just a taster , genuine free ebooks worth the read are coming soon to http://www.andebook.com

I will have to say I did really appreciate this blog post and I will certainly be book-marking this web page so that I can come back and get caught up again in the next conversation!

I think http://freebookgroup.com can be in the list as well

new source to download for free:


ebook , tutorial, video training , audio ebook , self-improvement

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing free online novels link specially for readers like me. BTW, reading http://inthebeginningthebook.com/ a graphic novel these days. Very interesting and a must read.

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